Saturday, 19 March 2011

New wadding for small quilts

Perfect for small quilts: Pellon's Thermolam TP970 - a high quality, very even & consistent needled polyester wadding with scrim.
Great for detail work.
Not cheap at £4/yd for 45" wide but you shouldn't be using a lot and the quality of the wadding really does mattter the smaller you get!
Like to know how good it is? Some members have already been back 2 or 3 times for it and we've only been selling it a couple of weeks!

Small is big this Summer!

Just released 3 new books for this Summer's big 'thing' - small-scale quilting. It's all about the satifaction of actually finshing the quilt rather than it dragging out into some lifetime epic!
That said you'll be proud to show off any of the quilts from Make Mine Mini or Sensational Small Quilts while 130Little Qilt Blocks by Susan Briscoe features small blocks for small projects.
All 3 books are selling quickly especially Make Mine Mini which at £7.99 (minus our normal 15% discount) is a real bargain.